Use genuine Premium Themes for your wordpress and save it from possible disadvantages of nulled themes.

If you are caught using a stolen premium theme, you may face a serious consequence for doing so. You may not have known it was stolen because the website where you got it from will probably not tell you that it was a stolen theme. However, ignorance is hardly an excuse in issues pertaining law. You stand the risk of having your site suspended and in worst case scenario; you will be asked to delete the entire website.

Do let me know if you are a victim of pirated and nulled premium WordPress theme?

1. Malicious script

These codes can appear in any form. Some are unobtrusive advertisement blocks where appears ads provided the by the nulled program provider. Sometimes, it can be a looting setup in the form of forms or plugins by which personal data of users may be transmitted to a far away hacker.

Nulled themes have hidden malware that you may not be aware of. If your website is such that accepts credit cards, you could be exposing such details to the scammers. And if you don’t get attacked in that form, you may start seeing adverts and pop-ups on your website without any idea how it got there.

2. Links to provider’s websites

By this method, a forced backlink to provider’s website is given by the theme, which cannot be easily identified or removed. This helps the provider to gain a legible backlink. However it is harmful to users, as they may get penalized for providing link to banned or illegal websites.

5. Cannot update

Sometimes, wordpress updates require/force themes also to be updated. However, nulled themes are not provided with timely updates or no updates will be available at all. You will be then forced to roll back wordpress update, making your website outdated.

As a business owner or a blogger, you certainly don’t want your website to be penalized or suspended. For this reason, always make sure to get themes from the right sources. You can get free themes from official WordPress Themes Repository. Or you can choose to go with a marketplace that offer premium themes like Themeforest. But do your research to be sure they are the real owners of the theme and not selling stolen themes.

Pirated copies of premium wordpress themes such as Woo, Elegant, Studiopress, Wp-Now are easily available on many websites and these are easily downloadable. An ignorant person becomes happy getting top class premium themes free of cost but he/she doesn’t know the reality of these free copies of themes.

Possible harms of illegal copies of WordPress themes

-Google and other search engines may flag your computer as a harmful website.
-Your web host may suspend your hosting account.
-Your blog may be completely stolen.
-Your blog may be controlled by a hidden administrator.
-Theme company may take legal action against you.
-The anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares can block access of users to your blog.
-Your wordpress may get adwares controlled by a hacker and your blog will show unknown advertising.
-Google and other search engine may remove your website from index permanently.

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