Rara Lake in nepal

Rara lake is loceted in pokhar.
The Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest fresh water lake in the Nepal Himalayas. It is the main feature of the Rara National Park, located in the Jumla and Mugu Districts.  Surface elevation: 2,290 m
Area: 9.8 km²
Length: 5.1 km
Location: Mugu District
Shore length1: 14 km (8.7 mi)
Did you know: Rara Lake is as deep as 167 meters in some places, and drains into the river Mugu Karnali via Nijar Khola.

Biggest and Beautiful
Rara is Nepal’s largest lake lies at an altitude of 3050 meters within the boundary of Rara National Park. The surface of this lake is around 8 square kilometer and the perimeter 9 kilometer. The length of the lake is 5 kilometers, width is 2 and depth is 167 meter. The lake Rara looks like a blue nymph, indulged in romance with mountains. In the every afternoon the outstanding snowcapped panorama of Dolpo and Tibetan mountains overshadows the scene across the deep clear waters of the lake.
Trekking to this place is highly recommended. All these that you see and where you walk, take place in the Rara National Park, a habitual place for musk deer, Himalayan black bear, leopard, Himalayan goral, Red Panda, and “Danfe” Besides this, the park also abounds with coniferous trees, such as pine, juniper, and spruce.

Heaven on earth
This is one place you don’t want to miss in this lifetime. It’s definitely a heaven on Earth. We placed a tent nearby Rara lake and the view was breathtaking.

Rara Lake situated at an altitude of 2990 m.above from the sea level is the biggest lake of Nepal. It is all surrounded by lush green vegetation and famous for various flora and fauna. Boating is also the major attraction.

Exciting natural beauty
Reaching this place is so easy yet the destination is remote full of natural beauty. The lake on of the biggest lake of Nepal located remotely providing travelers with outstanding sight. The horse riding, boat riding and walking around the lake will provide us with immense pleasure of visit. Highly recommended as things to do in Nepal.

Charming Place
It was so amazing view and what a quiet place. Very less people all around quiet and amazing view. We took flight both way and there is only two hotel so need to book in advance otherwise will not get room if you are traveling then contact Budget Adventure Treks & Expeditions for best charming service. Fully amazed and highly recommended.

Elegant Rara
So after a long plannning we decided to head for rara… In a group of seven.. We took night bus from kalanki to surkhet at nrs 1200 … So sad the bus dint depart at time proposed n we ended up at surkhet at mid day.. Around 2 pm… Then we took a bus to gotijiula.. (a better option would have been a bus to gamdia directly since from there it would have been 4 hrs trek to rara) second night we rested at patale khola… The system here is quite different.. They donot charge for room but only for food (nepali thali for nrs. 120-180)..however the room is bad.. You might also get some mite bites.. Day third spent on bus… All the way from kalikot to nagma … The road here departs for jumla and mugu.. We took the road to mugu.. And reached gotijiula and spent our third night… Next morning we took a bus to talcha airport at nrs. 15000, more the pple less the share… We met a local at bus (the locals have a different tone… They speak fast and they speak asudha nepali) and as advised we dropped down at jhyarre and walked uphill for around 1.5 hrs.. Then we reaches sallari from where we entered rara national park premises.. Walked our way into the jungle for 45 minutes.. Then we entered rara lake premise… WOW.. the first view of rara was simply WOW… i was awestruck… So big.. So calm.. So clear… So silent… So elegant… All the troubles we had was worth it… We stayed at danfe hotel for two nights.. Nrs. 1500 per night.. An average hotel… Also has tents… And you can also settle your own tent… The tea there os made from jadibutis… A souvenir… Next day we headed to murma top 3 hrs uphill from where we saw the rara lake as a whole… Rara is 10.8 sq km.. 167 m deep… Largest lake of nepal… Beautiful indeed… We relaxed there .. Boating is also available (at morning only) at nrs 500 per person… Then on 6 th day of our trip some of our freinds headed to nepalgunj from flight from talcha aiport (nrs 4200)… We however headed to jumla…

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