How to Run a PHP Script? Step By Step Guide for nepali

Start here if you are new to web programming.
I highly recommend following our tutorials in sequence, but it is not required. You can skip anything if it fits you.

Contents of this post include:

1.0 Overview
2.0 Install XAMPP

3.0 Run Your First PHP Script
3.1 Go to XAMPP server directory
3.2 Create hello.php
3.3 Code Insie hello.php
3.4 Open New Tab
3.5 Load hello.php
3.6 Output

4.0 Manage Database with PhpMyAdmin
4.1 Create a Database
4.2 Create a Table
4.2 Insert Data
4.4 Useful Videos

5.0 Run PHP Script with Database
5.1 Go to XAMPP server directory
5.2 Create read_one.php
5.3 Code Inside read_one.php
5.4 Open Your Browser
5.5 Load read_one.php
5.6 Output

6.0 Online Resources
7.0 What’s Next?
8.0 Related Tutorials
9.0 Some Notes

Click here for more example.

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