School Management System in PHP with Source Code

Hey, Everybody, I hope you all of fine, Today I have found one of the most usable web application namely School Management System in PHP. Basically, School Management System is a helpful and beneficial for record keeping.

I have seen more than Schools Administrators using Desktop Applications to manage the records. But, sometimes we are facing many problems in Desktop Applications like Windows Problem or Virus etc. If you want to your school system record will save a long time, I prefer you use web application.

School-Management-System-in-PHPWhat is difference desktop application and web application? Basically, Desktop application running on your computer, you can’t run the application another PC. Web Application you can run anywhere any place as you like.

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So, if you are using any desktop application, I recommend you integer or move a data in the web application. Then your data saved long, and you can use you it anywhere any place as you like. Do you have web application project that’s great, otherwise I have found a suitable or professional project.

You can download it, and then customize it. Then you need to move the project Online, After that, you will be store records as you like. Then your records have saved a long time, and any teacher, admin, parent run the project any place anywhere easily.

School Management Software Open Source Code in Php
Basically, PHP is an open source programming language and more than PHP applications running on the web as well. So, I have found School Management Software, it developed in PHP Programming language and MySQL.

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MySQL is a database, which is used to store the data. It is fully responsive and professional open source software, you can use it for record keeping. In this application a lot of futures available. You can easily store Student Data, Parent Data, and Teacher Data etc.

Below, I have included the futures of this application, you can use them for a different purpose. Basically, I used all futures, that’s helpful and beneficial for School System. In this application, Administrator play main role to handle the application. And Students and Parents only check the personal status as well.

School Management System in Php Futures
School Management System in PHP there are many futures available in this application. But I have included some futures and short descriptions, you can read them for getting ideas about this application.

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Secure Login System
Basically, Security plays main role to safe and secure your data. In this application developed in Advance Login System with an Encrypted password. And other security handling futures available for security purpose.

Classes Future
You can create classes for your students, and you can add the assignments, timetables, attendance sheet and much more futures available. You can use them one by one for a different purpose.

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Study Material Future
Study Material Future, It will help for the student. They are learning step by step with help of online system. You can provide the online material, then students easily get the material using online. And student easily studying at home or anywhere as well.

Students Group Future
Student Group, It is very helpful for an administrator to announcement specific students group. First of All, Administrator needs to create a Group and add the specific students. Then Administrator easily provides the announcements or data with the help of student group.

Invoice System Future
You can use the Invoice System to generate an invoice for the client. There are many Invoices templates available you can use them to generate the invoice. It is another helpful future available in this application.

User Role Future
Basically, it is one of the most important future available in this application User Role. Basically, in this application User Role System allow accessing specific member to anywhere.

Library System Future
The library is very important for students, they are studying with help of Library System. In this application, you can add the books that can be kept or tested out. Then you can view all tested out, and you can add the limit as well.

Social Media Login System
School Management System in PHP that is allowed to log in your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well. If you have any social network account, I have mentioned above, then you can use it to log in the application as well.

Admin Panel
School Management System in PHP, finally future namely Admin Panel. Basically, Admin Play important role in handling the application. Admin, easily blocks the member, managing the member, IP Blocks, Generate Invoices, Section Setting, User Role and Much More.

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However, Above All about School Management System in PHP, below I have included the Video Tutorial. You can watch the video, then you can get a lot of new ideas about this application. If you have School System, I prefer you must try it.

School Management System in PHP


Ultimate School Management System in Php

Now, I have already mentioned School Managment System in PHP Project, it is another Web Application Software, which is used to Manage School Records.

It has built-in Bootstrap, Laravel PHP Framework and Also Angular JS. In this Application, there are a lot of futures available, you can use them to manage the school records.

Basically, I already shared the whole futures such as Administrator, Parents, Teacher and Also Student will use this application.

I have made the complete video on this topic, you can see the whole School Management System in PHP Web Application all futures. You can watch the complete video if you like it, then you can download the Source Code and Below.


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